The Principles of Timing and Distance in Liechtenauer’s Nachreisen

You face an opponent who uses wide and long attacks against you. He may attack very early or even reach back when attacking. He does not seem to know very much about fencing but still his strikes are fast, hard and powerful.

That is how the situation is described in Liechtenauer’s chapter 8. An easy situation if you have the right tool at hand. In the German Longsword tradition this tool is called Nachreisen. Most important for it to work: you use the time and distance given by your opponent. Some give freely, others have to be invited to give, but nobody can be forced to give.

Aim of our class is to increase our capability to perform a proper Nachreisen. This involves principles of timing and distance, a fast strike and even faster footwork. Once we have established a sharp and deadly Nachreisen we may also have a look at pieces that develop out of it.

Level: 3 Participants should be able to do basic strikes with footwork (1Beginner | 10Expert)

Equipment: Mask, Gloves, Longsword (Steel, Nylon)

DIS scale layout (1)

Location: Field 2, Area 3 Date: October 2, 2015 Time: 1:00 pm - 2:50 pm Ingulf Kohlweiss