Rapier Disarms and Grapples

While disarming and grappling are arguably not the most important aspects of rapier fencing, most rapier treatises do dedicate some pages to these closing techniques. In this workshop, geared towards rapierists but open to all who are interested, we will look at some of the disarms/grapples presented by masters such as Bruchius, L’Ange and others. First we will look at some disarms, focusing mainly on the technical principles by which these techniques operate, and through which they even become easy to complete. After that, we will explore some other grapples. If time allows, we will finish the class with Bruchius’s advice on how to proceed in case you have lost your rapier. Please note that the class will include one or two throws, so some falling will be involved.

DIS scale layout (1)

Location: Field 2, Ring 1-2 Date: October 4, 2015 Time: 10:30 am - 11:50 am Reinier van Noort