Acta Periodica Duellatorum

About Acta Periodica Duellatorum:

“Acta Periodica Duellatorum (APD) is the first academic yearbook of publications related to Historical European Martial Arts.

APD aims to become a reference point of high quality HEMA-publications by ensuring appearance possibility for scholarly, scientific and practical articles which are based on research activity in HEMA-related topics and show up academic character.

The high quality of APD-articles rely on austere peer-review activity. ACTA incorporates two sections: the Scholarly Section holds a place for articles mainly with methodological and theoretical focus, while the Practical Section contains works related to operational questoins of our arts.

The importance of a regularly publicised official issue is elemental for leveraging the acknowledgment and prestige of any field of research.

One of the most important factors to leverage a field of research is the appearance of independent scientific journals where researches have a possibility to publicise their results.

I hope that Acta Periodica Duellatorum will motivate scientific, scholarly and practical HEMA-researchers to make efforts on deeper understanding, collecting new information and methods in this topic.”

Mátyás Miskolczi

From the Acta Periodica Duellatorum website

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