Cor Kronenburg

Cor first picked up a sword in 1996 and started training and teaching swordfighting. Now the founder and instructor at one of the biggest schools for HEMA in the Netherlands. Zwaard & Steen has been teaching HEMA for almost 12 years. They are still growing, exploring and discovering more of the Arts every day. They teach Liechtenauer’s tradition in longsword, dagger and ringen via Ringeck, Lignitzer, von Danzig and the rest of the German tradition.

Cor’s background ranges from Judo and sport fencing to Westerns martial arts and horseriding. He’s also a bit of a re-enactor, including the fully armourerd fighting part and had a small career as a jouster. He believes that HEMA is a puzzle that you cannot comprehend in one view. It has sides, which you need to build the structure, which support each other but are a the same time a different tradition or Art. “But everything is connected, the more you do it, research and recreate it, the clearer the picture gets. Listen, observe and take action. Challenge yourself to go outside of the viewpoint you are used to.”

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