Axel Pettersson

Axel Pettersson has been training in HEMA since 2002 when, age 17, he joined the local ARMA club run by Hans Jörnlind and Nils-Erik Fahlvik in his hometown of Falun. In 2006 he moved to Gothenburg to attend university and joined Gothenburg Historical Fencing School under head instructor Anders Linnard. In 2007 he started to teach German Longsword in the GHFS beginner’s class and in 2009 he joined Anders to teach the advanced class. His main focus is on early German Longsword, especially Sigmund Ringeck, he also does extensive research on Ringen and Joachim Meyers Longsword, Dussack and Rapier.

Always looking for beauty and the “flow” in fencing, the combination of heritage, artistry and efficiency is what draws Axel ever deeper into the world of Historical European Martial Arts. Axel travels regularly to teach Historical Fencing, having to date taught fencers, martial artists and stunt fighters in 15 countries, as well as having advised on movie and theater fight choreography. He is a part of the crew behind Swordfish, the largest HEMA tournaments in the world.

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