Wrestling to Improve Fencing: Medieval Wrestling as Warm-up Method

Wrestling played an important role in medieval society. Everybody was wrestling; from kings to peasants. Either for fun, for strength building, as competition or to be a better fighter. Therefore wrestling can be seen as a fundament of the medieval fighting system.

A fundament which sometimes is missing in today’s HEMA community. A lot of HEMA practitioners or even HEMA clubs have chosen not to wrestle at all. The reasons for these decisions vary from missing equipment (no mats), the lack of time, physical limitations to the dislike of falling or body contact.

The goal of this Workshop is to show an easy and effective way to introduce wrestling into HEMA training. We will do only standing wrestling; no throws and no falling. But a kind of wrestling that can be done by everybody and everywhere. These exercises work perfectly as warm-up for HEMA training. They are strength building and fun. Furthermore they can be used to introduce certain topics/principles of the later fencing part of the class and may lead to a better understanding of these principles.

Level: 1 -10 This Workshop should be especially interesting for participants who are looking for useful warm-up exercises to include in their training. (1Beginner | 10Expert)

Equipment: none

DIS scale layout (1)

Location: Field 2, Area 4 Date: October 2, 2015 Time: 9:00 am - 10:20 am Ingulf Kohlweiss