Jake Priddy

Jeremy “Jake” Priddy is the owner/ instructor for Body and Blade Swordsmanship in Martinsburg, WV. As a martial artist, he is a former member of the Association of Renaissance Martial Arts (ARMA), and has been teaching various combat styles for over 20 years.

Jake also teaches stage combat, has been the choreographer for a number of independent productions, including an upcoming pilot for The Learning Channel, and was the Fight Director for the Rude Mechanicals Medieval and Renaissance Players at Shepherd University for 6 years.

Currently concentrating on the Liechtenauer tradition of German longsword fencing, Jake also holds a 3rd dan rank in Niten Ichiryu Kenjutsu and a black sash in Poekoelan Tjiminde. In addition to studying HEMA, Jake holds a master’s degree in history, concentrating in 10th- 15th c. English and French social culture. His thesis, As Tufa to Sapphire: Gendering the Roles of Medieval Women in Combat is currently in publication and will be available at the end of July.

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